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My wife and I have had Building Associates build our home, remodel both her office and mine, and repair some of our rentals. We have always been very pleased with the results. They have started on time and finished before the expected completion date and always within our budget. Jack Thompson, Matt and Ross Chitwood, Tim Roberts and all the crew have been a pleasure to get to know. They have become trusted friends with whom we enjoy playing golf or going to dinner. I have recommended them to a lot of people and have yet to have anyone say they had a bad building experience. I can not say enough good things about them. You can be assured that if we have any construction needs in the future, we will wait until Jack, Matt and their crew can do it!

Dr. Ron Hawkins

Before: I knew one of the principals (Jack Thompson) of Building Associates (BA) prior to our launching into building the Dermatology Center, the 19,300 square foot facility we moved into in 2005. I met him at an air show where we had traveled together with a mutual friend. He seemed like a terrific person so when my daughter and son-in-law did a major renovation to an office building they owned I suggested Building Associates. Not only did the owner and employees of BA take a personal interest in my daughter’s building, they suggested many improvements and redesigned portions to better fit the use and safety of the building and in many instances made suggestions that saved money and improved function of the building and its contents. Because of that positive experience my partners at the Dermatology Center of Southern Indiana and I asked BA to give us an estimate (bid) for the construction of our new facility. Their bid was not the lowest but my daughters very positive experience with BA made led us to take it.

During: During the design of the building BA gave many suggestions and helpful ideas at least one of which changed the design in such a way as to decrease the cost by 30% or more to keep us in budget. They also made helpful suggestions regarding the architecture of the building as the architect worked with us. BA and their employees were diligent in adhering to the design of the building except where they felt we should change parts of the design to improve the structure and function of the building. Throughout the construction BA was true to any statement or promise they made. I always felt that I could leave town and return at the completion of the project and the building would be as I hoped or better for some idea they had during the construction. BA was ever mindful of the costs and several times made suggestions that saved money for me and my partners. In one instance their persistence in the pursuit of a redesign of a portion of the exterior saved at least $30000. They did this of their own volition because it offended them to waste our money when they could save it. BA completed the construction on time and at the price they had estimated. BA helped me, my partners, and my office staff move into the building and were always willing to help change some small decorative feature or improve some part of the structure they felt could be improved even after we moved into the facility.

After: When the building was completed BA was always ready to return and put some small glitch right or repair some building part we might have injured or fix some item that did not work out even when the problem was not of their making. The building has been a wonderful place for our practice and more to us than we expected in every way. Much of it’s success is due to the principals, principles, and workers of Building Associates. Nearly four years the completion of the building BA rapidly responds to any and all requests we make about the building.

Postscript: I count among my very good friends Jack Thompson and some of the reasons we became friends during this project were that he is an honest, forthright, intelligent, cheerful, reliable, capable person who has forgotten more about buildings and their construction than most will ever know.

David Byrne, M.D.

I have worked with Mr. Thompson of Building Associates for 22 years and I have found his work to be of excellent quality.

As Construction Manger and Roofing Contractor, Building Associates recently completed a 1.1 million square foot facility at a cost of 70 million dollars on time and within budget.

I highly recommend Mr. Thompson and the staff of Building Associates to anyone requiring their services.

George S. Ridgway
Cook Group, Inc

We used Building Associates to build our new collision center in 2008. During construction we found everyone involved to be knowledgeable and capable in all facets of the construction project. The project was done ahead of time and within budget. We have used Building Associates since completion of the body shop on some smaller projects and have been happy with all work completed. We anticipate doing a dealership remodel later this year and look forward to using Building Associates.

Craig A. Richards
Vice President, Curry Auto Center

Dear Jack,

This month marks the first year anniversary of living in our new home. Esther and I could not be more satisfied with the efforts of you and your staff in its construction. I could not imagine some thirty years ago, when you built the addition to our home in Sherwood Oaks, that our paths would cross so often. Besides that addition, your crews have remodeled one of my business locations, put a duro-roof on another and added a large second story deck to my previous home. Without exception, your work has always been top-notch, so it is little wonder we contacted only you, when deciding to build our new home.

In addition to constructing our home, your staff helped us pick out a floor plan that would work well on our lot and not only readily accepted the changes we requested, but offered some appropriate suggestions to fulfill our wish list. During those early planning meetings, Matt Davis was especially helpful. During the construction, Matt Chitwood in addition to keeping his eye on the progress, offered some great suggestions such as the built-in tool shed and screened-in patio, the latter being the envy of our neighborhood. I was also appreciative of Building Associates beating the estimated completion date by nearly six weeks—it was a critical factor in facilitating the sale of our previous home. Last, but certainly not least are the efforts of Tim Roberts who not only supervised the construction, but has been so great to work with, even after the construction job was completed a year ago. He has once again proved to me that Building Associates is not just satisfied with building a home, but that they are never completely satisfied until we are.

So, I thank you, not only for a job well done, but for the continued service you and your staff provide.

Bob Musselman

We have lived in our BA Homes home for five years. Our relationship with BA Homes and our builder, Matt Chittwood, has been outstanding. We have always had complete trust in them and have always been able to depend upon them. They take pride in their work and have always met our expectations. They have never once disappointed us. It is nice to know we live in a quality home. It is even nicer to know it has built and backed by people with quality character. Based upon our relationship with BA Homes we can recommend them without reservation.

Doug & Blue Geiger 5/22/08

We felt our house was built with the best quality and craftsmanship. BA homes takes pride in their work and it shows in the homes they build. Typically, building a custom home can be very stressful; being organized and having good contractors made the process a more pleasurable one. The commitment you all made to us and this home for the past 7 months has been exceptional. We look forward to a continued relationship, personally and professionally, over the years to come.

Hoang & Chris Mitchell

I have had the great fortune to work with Building Associates on several projects. I have always found them to be professional, knowledgeable and they are always up to the challenge. It is gratifying to have such talent available at reasonable prices and they stand behind their work. In these times it is a rare thing indeed to find so many resources under one roof.  I really appreciate that I can depend upon them to take care of everything.

Scott Owens,
RE/MAX Realty Professionals

Our home is a traditional split-level home built in the early 1970s. When it needed an update, I turned to Building Associates. With the help of Building Associates, we replaced all the windows in the house, two sliding glass doors and completely remodeled three bathrooms.

This was an extensive project. Building Associates worked closely with me on both the design and the budget for my project. Building Associates provided me with alternatives and helped me to make the decisions that best fit our family.

The work was done in the time frame we were given. Building Associates’ workers were professional. As one might imagine, having three bathroom remodeled could be disruptive. I was surprised at how little disruption there was. The updates to my home have improved its appearance and increased its value. I love my new bathrooms and windows.

I recommend Building Associates for any remodel project.

Betsy Greene

I am so pleased with the recent remodel of both the bathroom and kitchen. As you know, each day seemed to bring a new and pleasant surprise for me. My everyday living has been enhanced and I shall continue to enjoy.

The quality of the workmanship is excellent!

The helpful and creative suggestions along with the great attitude of each of your associates made this a positive experience. I appreciate your patience and cooperation with scheduling as this made. a difference.

Thank you!!

Marilyn Stockton