David Byrne, M.D.

David Byrne, M.D. Testimonial 

Before: I knew one of the principals (Jack Thompson) of Building Associates (BA) prior to our launching into building the Dermatology Center, the 19,300 square foot facility we moved into in 2005. I met him at an air show where we had traveled together with a mutual friend. He seemed like a terrific person so when my daughter and son-in-law did a major renovation to an office building they owned I suggested Building Associates. Not only did the owner and employees of BA take a personal interest in my daughter’s building, they suggested many improvements and redesigned portions to better fit the use and safety of the building and in many instances made suggestions that saved money and improved function of the building and its contents. Because of that positive experience my partners at the Dermatology Center of Southern Indiana and I asked BA to give us an estimate (bid) for the construction of our new facility. Their bid was not the lowest but my daughters very positive experience with BA made led us to take it.

During: During the design of the building BA gave many suggestions and helpful ideas at least one of which changed the design in such a way as to decrease the cost by 30% or more to keep us in budget. They also made helpful suggestions regarding the architecture of the building as the architect worked with us. BA and their employees were diligent in adhering to the design of the building except where they felt we should change parts of the design to improve the structure and function of the building. Throughout the construction BA was true to any statement or promise they made. I always felt that I could leave town and return at the completion of the project and the building would be as I hoped or better for some idea they had during the construction. BA was ever mindful of the costs and several times made suggestions that saved money for me and my partners. In one instance their persistence in the pursuit of a redesign of a portion of the exterior saved at least $30000. They did this of their own volition because it offended them to waste our money when they could save it. BA completed the construction on time and at the price they had estimated. BA helped me, my partners, and my office staff move into the building and were always willing to help change some small decorative feature or improve some part of the structure they felt could be improved even after we moved into the facility.

After: When the building was completed BA was always ready to return and put some small glitch right or repair some building part we might have injured or fix some item that did not work out even when the problem was not of their making. The building has been a wonderful place for our practice and more to us than we expected in every way. Much of it’s success is due to the principals, principles, and workers of Building Associates. Nearly four years the completion of the building BA rapidly responds to any and all requests we make about the building.

Postscript: I count among my very good friends Jack Thompson and some of the reasons we became friends during this project were that he is an honest, forthright, intelligent, cheerful, reliable, capable person who has forgotten more about buildings and their construction than most will ever know.